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“Attracting a great man is not about the size of your thighs” and thought… Suddenly, your oh-so hot and handsome dinner companion for the past couple of weekends leans in and kisses you gently on the neck… He makes his way gently across your face and your lips meet… Have you ever had a fantastic date with an attractive, smart, together man, felt a special connection and said to yourself, “I haven’t felt this good about a man in forever…. You have given it time, and you think now it’s time to start to blend your two worlds...

Ladies, you are going to love this episode of the Dating Den! And, most of us never got a lesson from mom on how to bounce back after we are left dejected and downhearted when our ‘meant to be’ believes he is meant for...

Can’t you appreciate that food is more than curly fries and shrimp dip? So even though men can sometimes appear sexually preoccupied, it doesn’t mean that is who they are all the time. I’ll play with it until it tells me to go away.” Sometimes we have sex with it, sometimes we fall in love with it. You can be a perfect driver, follow all the rules, and still somebody can run a red light and take you out. And KNOW WHAT I AM DOING (which many people, men and women, do not, especially when starting out or re-entering the dating field).

You won’t be dating him and say “Hey want to go watch a movie? Just sex.” I know women like control and like to “know.” But you limit yourself when you think you know something you can’t possible know. But even though we can be hurt in a car crash, we still get in that car every day, because a fearful life is crippling. Nobody ever died from a guy not calling you back, but loneliness kills. Do you want to be safe, or do you want to find love? “You have to kiss a lot of frogs.” Well you’re probably going to do more than kiss, and they will probably be more attractive than frogs, but the key word in that sentence is “a lot.” Connection is rare, and you have to experience a lot, before you find it. I do not "boast" about being intimate in the first date (or second, or even third). I set out the rules I have, the women state the rules THEY have (we all do; I am just more honest, a factor most women cannot cope with) and we usually intersect somewhere comfortable for both of us.

But here are some basics about the energy you can put out to increase the likelihood of making a connection with somebody you really dig.

But when we make our love choices out of fear (like dating someone who is “safe” or defensively attacking someone for not liking us), we create a vicious cycle: we believe we’re not enough so we push love away, but when we don’t receive the love we desire, it feeds into the belief that we’re not enough. So human beings by nature, when we’re afraid we go into control mode. You’re just afraid to get your heart hurt, so you’re protected. So you just don’t allow that connection to happen, and you’re guarded. I know anyone listening to this knows what I’m talking about. ” And he’ll say “Sorry, no movies, just sex.” “Hey want to hang out and laugh with me? I hear women sometimes say “He just wants to sleep with me.” No matter what you see, you don’t really know what he wants. If you sleep with a guy and he doesn’t call you back, worst case scenario is, you still got laid. "Compare jumping from one intimate encounter to the next to other men's experience of having only a number of partners but took the time to understand them, were able to find 'true love'/ have a strong bond with one and are in a still in a long term relationship today.And take it from somebody that had sex once, that is not a bad worst case scenario. Read More Dating Insights Gegenschein, let me quickly dispel your theories. " How ignorant/arrogant/condescending of you to think that a) I did not get to know my partners, b) did not try to understand them and/or c) did not find true love.Women complain that men are just trying to sleep with them.But, when I read their profiles, I’ll be honest, all I want to do is sleep with them too.

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