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This is a Dashboard project that contains all Microsoft based reports, custom built reports, modified reports and the TSQL setup (where I implemented hot fixes) needed for SQL Server Performance Dashboards as written by myself on Server/127992/ All the reports are interconnected to each other so you have the ability to view your SQL Servers from 1 report server.The aim is to have a free central monitoring solution of your SQL Server estate driven from CMS and presented to you via SSRS.Click the Downloads tab to download a copy of the latest release.Please refer to the Documentation page for information on how to install the sample databases.Without these statistics, or with outdated statistics, the query will be slow, as the query optimizer uses inaccurate statistics to create the query execution plan, which is not the optimal plan to execute the query in this case.

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Please post any feedback regarding this version of Adventure Works on our User Voice Forum.SQL Server 2014 introduced a new feature, Incremental Statistics, which helps in updating statistics for only the partition or the partitions that you choose.Instead of scanning the whole table to update the statistics, the selected partition will be scanned only for updating, reducing the time required to perform the update statistics operation, by updating only the modified partition.Microsoft has a methodology for developing and distributing updates to SQL Server, which they call the Incremental Servicing Model (ISM).This model has a hierarchy of on-demand hotfixes (HFs), Cumulative Updates (CUs), and Service Packs (SPs) that are used to distribute updates to SQL Server.

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