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The message here is that women can be strong and empowered, only as long as their power or success still caters to male power and ego.

As the opening credits tell us: "It's a man's world." This line encapsulates the gender panic of the movie and the book very well.

His experiences at UTA and HBO lead him to realize the vital nature of managers and decided to pursue a career in talent and literary management.

Dobbins left HBO and joined Interact Management where he utilized his knowledge of development in order to build a client list consisting of young and exciting writers and directors.

Dobbins currently serves as Executive Producer on the ABC pilot BLACK-ISH created by client Kenya Barris that also stars clients Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson.

When Steve Harvey's shamelessly self-promoting advice book isn't offering up observations everyone already knows, it's crazy sexist.

PLOT: The cast of the 2012 comedy returns for a sequel set in Las Vegas.

Rated PG-13 for language, drug use, and suggestive humor.

The project hails from Will Packer Productions and Universal and has set the film for release November 11, 2016.In fact, one chapter is even directed toward empowered women, a type of woman that Harvey and the film take specific issue with.The book refers to them as "strong, independent and lonely," and in the film, Taraji P. Her character, Lauren, is a high-powered COO who (in the grand tradition of female executives in cinema) can't find a mate. Because of this, her partner (Michael Ealy) informs her that she doesn't need a man because she is one.I expected to not like the film very much -- despite its talented and attractive ensemble -- and to pity the cast as they acted out tropes more suitable as chapter headings than people.A MEYERS CHRISTMAS has added Romany Malco to the cast of its holiday film.

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